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We Gave Some Speeches

We Gave Some Speeches

August was a month of speeches for two Woo-ers! Getting to speak on topics that resonate with us as a company and also as individuals — digital technologies and leveraging the internet and social media — we were thrilled to be asked.


“I learned all of my skills that I use today outside of the classroom.”

Our newest hire and part time over-achiever Alexis gave an awesome speech at her alma mater, FAU, on her experience with digital technology. She highlights her journey through college and her involvement with photography, web design, running her own publication (Two Seventy Magazine), and digital marketing. Which lead her to become apart of the Woo team!


“Remember to be cohesive, consistent, and cool. In that order.”

Our CEO, Ryan, gave a speech on Leveraging the Internet and Social Media at The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit Executive program. Ryan talked about what tools to use in digital marketing and social media and how to use them to your advantage.


Check out his presentation “Leveraging The Internet & Social Media”